Youth Sports Practices Re-Open in Orange County

Youth Sports Practices Re-Open in Orange County

Santa Ana, Calif. (June 15, 2020) – The County of Orange will allow the re-opening of practices for youth sports under COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Day Camps. “Youth sports are a fantastic way for children to enjoy the outdoors and get some much needed sunshine,” said Chairwoman Michelle Steel, Second District. “I greatly look forward to seeing youth sports start in Orange County and encourage all sports leagues to maintain social distancing and follow safety protocols.”

The County of Orange will require all youth sports practices to follow state guidance of physical distancing and safety protocols for small and stable groups without spectators.

“After many weeks away from their teams and teammates, children across Orange County can once again be able to do what all children should be encouraged to do which is to play, work on their physical, as well as mental, strength and learn valuable life lessons about collaboration and uniting for a common goal,” said Vice Chairman Andrew Do, First District.

At this time, youth sports activities will allow for practices only. There is no set time in which the state will re-open sporting events and games with spectators.

“The State’s guidance is the next big step in bringing OC back to normal. I advocated for a safe return to youth activities because playing sports is a fantastic way to build character, in addition to burning off the past months’ pent-up energy,” said Supervisor Don Wagner. “The Day Camp guidance also gives youth leaders clarity on how to safely conduct business. Our families have been wanting healthy outlets for their children and I am beyond thrilled to see young people now able get out and play once again.”

Youth sports leagues must ensure that they meet the proper safety protocols as outlined in the COVID19 Industry Guidance: Day Camps which include proper cleaning, disinfection, limits on the number of participants, and physical distancing.

“The need for children to be active while practicing safe social distancing at sports practices is important,” said Supervisor Doug Chaffee, Fourth District. “We understand that people want to have their lives return to as normal as possible, but it’s important to stay vigilant and follow state guidelines on how to do so.”

Youth sports league staff will be required to train all staff and families on how to follow safety actions, including screening practices and enhanced sanitation practices.

“Orange County residents understand the severe impacts that COVID-19 has on our residents but these issues can be mitigated by following state guidelines,” said Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District. “By allowing youth sports practices to resume in a safe manner, it allows Orange County children to enjoy time with their peers and have a little bit of normalcy at this time.”

For more information about the COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Day Camps, please visit

County of Orange California, June 15, 2020, Media Release

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