Marketing Strategy for Artists

Marketing Strategy for Artists in 2023

The Best Way to Become a
Famous Artist is to be Known!

How to Become a Renowned Artist

Study marketing until you understand why it is necessary.
Elevate your art career by having the end in mind.
Network in influential artists’ groups, diversify
your networks, it feeds creativity
Prepare your mind to solve problems.
Study and understand the art market.
Have patience, but be persistent.
Study selling techniques.
Create your own luck.

Start Branding Yourself

Brand Yourself As a Professional Laguna Beach Artist
Separate yourself from the crowd.

This means taking responsibility for your brand and being
involved in creating a marketing plan that meets your goals
of becoming a renowned artist.

As an artist, you’ll need to decide what is most important to you.

1. Creating art for years that very few see, and
doesn’t sell for what it is worth?
2. Being involved in the creation of a marketing plan that exposes
your artwork to millions of prospective art collectors worldwide.

Clearly, the second choice will result in selling your artwork worldwide, as an
investment to collectors, and you becoming a highly respected renowned artist.

Market Yourself Online

Marketing yourself online gives you a reach well beyond your community.

Design a Living Website

Showcase and Sell Your Artwork!

This means a website that is alive, not just online.
To achieve this, update your website at least once a week.
Do this by updating the event calendar, adding a blog,
posting new videos or photographs, etc.
Become an art authority in Laguna Beach.
Blog at least once a week about:
Your artwork, the artist community,
new pieces of art you have for sale,
art workshops you are giving, etc.
Upload videos and photographs of all of your artwork.
Create a monthly newsletter.
Link all your social media accounts to your website.

Get Social

Create the following social media accounts and be social
Facebook business page
Twitter account
YouTube channel

Create videos that showcase your artwork
Show the process you use to create your art.
Show where your artwork is displayed and how they can buy it.
Create behind the scenes videos, showing your personality.

People follow artists on social media because they like art.
If you are not posting your art online, they’ll
follow someone who is and you don’t exist anymore.

Get Involved in the Art Community

Visit every local art gallery to see what other artists and galleries are doing.
This will help your creativity while getting you known by everyone.

Artists are not just artists, They are Businesses!!!

Artists are a business they have to be creative to stay profitable.

Enter your art in international & national art contests.
Enter your art in juried art shows.
Teach art by giving workshops.
Get an art agent.
Join fine art societies.