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Grow Your Business with Local Communicator

Growing Your Business Depends On Exposure

Grow your business with we design and develop unique websites that provide valuable information to internet searchers.  According to as of January 2018, 4 billion people around the world use the internet in search of information.

Not having a website for a business is a very costly mistake. An even worse case scenario would be to pay a website development company for a website that no one can find. Websites need to be linked to other websites and have more than the company contact information on them.

This is where we come in. Having your business’s website featured on one of our popular websites will help your website’s exposure by bring attention to your business and informing customers about your products and services. many small businesses find it nearly impossible to get their website found because they do not understand people on the internet are searching for information NOT business names.

Our websites are designed to provide information that brings potential customers to the website first. Once they are there they will see our advertisers messages.

Become A Featured Business Partner

Becoming a Featured Business Partner, ensures residents, visitors, and tourists find your business first.  This also brings awareness to your products and services.

It is a proven fact that residents prefer to support their local businesses, but often do not know where or how to find the services they need.

Research has also shown that travelers can spend an average of 10 – 20 hours researching their destinations prior to arriving.  They will be looking for hotels, restaurants, recreation, services and more.

Being a Featured Business Partner on our Community Websites, or our City Guide Websites, or ideally both, will showcase your business right in front of these new customers.

We are a one-of-a-kind, locally interactive, company and are interested in furthering the success of our local businesses.

Power of Digital Marketing

Being an advertising agency, Local Communicator knows the importance of today’s digital marketing and the accessibility of readily available information.  Customers expect to open their computers or phones and find exactly what they are looking for as easily as possible.  Our expertise can help your company be found and recognized so it can soon become a household name.

We’ve already taken the time to develop these localized marketing machines that focus on the success of the small businesses of our communities.  You, the business owner, do not have to worry about PPC, SEO, web design, or online marketing.  That’s what we do! We’ve designed our websites to feature your business 24 hours a day so that you get found by residents, visitors, and tourists, well beyond regular business hours.  This on-going, digital marketing allows you to concentrate on all the other aspects of your growing business.

Our localized websites are SEO and mobile friendly linked together to further enhance your businesses exposure. We are continually enhancing our websites with new content, increasing our traffic.  Each of these websites also have corresponding social media accounts. Having a strong social media presence, of over 100k, is also helping our website readership grow, providing more eyes on our Featured Business Partners.

Effective & Affordable

You could spend twice your businesses annual earnings on marketing and still NOT get properly branded in your community. Worse yet, some agencies
want you to sign a contract and pay search engines thousands of thousands every month……. forever.

This is where Local Communicator comes in.  We offer your business a strategic alliance by combining the wants and needs of customers living and visiting
your city with your products and services.

We are partnering with some of the best businesses in your city that want to succeed.

Take a look at the opportunities we offer to grow your business with us.