Event Planners and Event Service Providers

Event Planners and Event
Service Providers

We want to provide the best services to our customers
and help you grow your businesses at the same time.

We have designed and developed websites
that generate millions of hits annually from people
looking to get married, renew their vows, get engaged,
have a corporate party, celebrate…?, throw a party,
have a graduation party, request photo shoots…Etc…

Customers Request
Event Information

We get thousands of customers requesting local event
information that provide us their names, email addresses,
phone numbers, number of people attending, event type

This Is Where Your
Services Come In

If your business provides event planning or offers
event services we want to partner with you to help
you grow your business and provide our customers
with the best service providers possible.

A Sneak Preview of
One of Our Websites

Click the link below or just go to your favorite search
engine and type in Crescent Bay Point Park.
Crescent Bay Point Park
We are linked directly to search engine results so
either way you’ll see what we are doing.

Partnerships Available

Featured Business Partner

Become a Featured Business Partner and get a full
featured listing of your company and the services
you provide. We list your business in one of our
city guides.
This gives your business instant credibility with potential
customers worldwide. It also provides us a simple and fast way
to share a link directly to your business as one of our
Featured Business Partners.
See Example:
Ciao Bella Wedding Planning
One time set up $150 (waived on annual plan)
$99 a month (paid monthly)
$49 a month (prepaid annually)

Banner Marketing

Showcase your event services with a banner.
A banner displaying the event services your
company provides with a link directly to
your website where the prospect can take
action on your offer.
See example below:
Set up $150
$199 a month (paid monthly)

Laguna Beach Sun And Fun Banner

Directory Listings

Having your business listed in one of our business directories
ensures people looking for event service providers in
that SPECIFIC city will find YOUR business.
See Example:
Business Directory
One time set up $50
$49 a year (prepaid annually)

Grow Your Business With Us

If you have any questions or are ready to grow your
business with us, reply to the email invitation you
We will call you to get to know you and learn more about
your services. This allows us to refer the right
business to the right customer.
Our partnership offers are exclusively for small
businesses and by invitation only.
We partner with businesses that understand
online marketing and can benefit from becoming
a business partner.